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Tier One Challenge: We Have a Winner!

Lensmaster DinosaurEgg’s Dinosaur Coloring Pages for Kids — Raah! is the first lens in the Tier One Challenge to rise to Tier One (after never being in tier 2, as per the rules) and stay there for 30 days. Stop by to visit it and congratulate this fairly new lensmaster, who joined in late July!

I am not the expert — DinosaurEgg is, after getting this lens to the top! But off the top of my head, I can see several components of this winning strategy:

  • Combining THREE popular niches: coloring (kids fun), education, and teachers/homeschooling resources
  • Title includes keywords for search engines, tells people exactly what’s on the page, and has a little personality to draw the click!
  • Lens logo graphic is personal: it’s a real kid’s coloring job, messy lines and all, which gives the page so much more personality! Some studies show that a “credible” webpage logo or graphic is the most important thing in getting a visitor to look at the rest of a page
  • The introduction is short, tells what’s on the page (with keywords), but again includes a personal touch: she mentions her kids using the coloring pages she’s found
  • Excellent, simple CSS to make the page look good
  • Navigation system to help people find their way around the page, which also shows it’s been organized in a logical way
  • Hand-picked links and resources. Forget writing lots and lots of your own content. Get people to what they want with a guarantee you’ve picked out good links and products!
  • Well-targeted things to sell.
  • TONS of really good links, which means a ton of clickouts.
  • Occasional personal touches throughout — reinforced with the author’s own, original assets (actual coloring examples by the author’s kids)
  • PAGE BREAK MODULE: lots of closely-targeted pages means more “fishing nets” for visitors, doubling, tripling, even quadrupling traffic potential. Clickouts and sales are the bottom line, but both depend on traffic!
  • Cross-linked with a ton of other dinosaur niche lenses by the author (Yahoo site explorer sees 99 links from the rest of to the page).
  • Backlinks, schmacklinks: of the 138 backlinks Squidaholic (Yahoo site explorer sees), 18 are outside of SquidU posts (mostly Squidom, lensroll, squidUtils, but one hub, and a few blog posts).
  • Weekly traffic: 438 today. You don’t need thousands. You need hundreds who are willing to click and/or buy.

Well done, Dinosauregg! Thanks for the lesson in how to Squidoo!


  1. DinosaurEgg says:

    Wow you did that quickly! Thanks GreekGeek.

    And much credit goes to you – I’ve been following your advice on SEO in particular.

  2. MisterJeremy says:

    Nice analysis, GreekGeek. I would never have noticed all the factors you did that went into the winning lens.

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