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Hubpages Dashboard: Sorting Hubs to Help You Batch Edit

SPIRITUALITY WROTE [on the hubpages forum]

GreekGeek – any idea how hubs are organised on our profiles? What determines their order?

Yep! By default, they’re sorted according to [Hub]Score, but there’s lots of other ways to sort & filter. Pardon my scribbles…

Hubpages Dashboard

Click the top of any column to sort by that column. “Published” is original publish date (Hubpages will keep our lens creation dates). “Changed” is the most recent update. Or sort by traffic to tackle popular articles first.

Export as csv” creates a tidy list you can import into a spreadsheet and use as a to-do list.

Hubs > Groups  Create new groups. Scroll down on that pane for “orphaned hubs” which you can add to groups. You can also add a hub you’re editing to groups in the “Display Options” pane in the workshop sidebar.

Warning: Hubpages asks us to limit groups to hubs that are relevant to one another. Each grouped hub gets a “Next” and “Previous” link at the bottom, passing traffic to the adjacent hubs in the group like a webring. Therefore, we can’t set up groups for our own organizational purposes. (i.e. no “hubs I need to work on” group.)

The filter pane  (beige box) has some useful sorting functions for finding hubs that need work. For example…

designation > Not Featured – Engagement 
…lists all hubs that have fallen out of “Featured” status because not enough traffic or reader engagement

designation > Not Featured – Quality
… lists all hubs that need more work to pass QAP.

capsule > Amazon
…lists all hubs with an Amazon capsule. Or look for hubs with eBay capsules, or hubs with Photo capsules (although that’s probably all of them).


As we revamp our imported lenses, the sort by “Changed” (last edit) is going to be the most helpful option, and I also highly recommend “export as csv” and plugging the result into a spreadsheet, which you can then use to cross off those you’ve updated.



EDIT: AND I TOTALLY FAILED TO ANSWER SPIRITUALITY’S QUESTION. Hubs on our profile are displayed to the public according to creation date, newest to oldest. I have found no way to sort them.


  1. Susanna says:

    Now that you scribbled on the image I can see quite clearly how sorting and batch editing can be done. So simple. Thanks

  2. Nancy Hardin says:

    Thank you so much for all this information. Not only does it help me, but it also helps my FB group, The Writer’s Door. Most of our members are Squids who are moving to HP, and every bit of this kind of information is valuable to them.

    1. Ellen says:

      You’re welcome, Nancy! *waves at Squids and apologizes for being Facebook-shy*

  3. Barbara Casey says:

    Thank you for explaining how to get the “next” feature. That’ll work great for my book reviews. And now I know how to set up groups, too.

  4. John Dyhouse says:

    Thanks for that tip, I hadn’t seen that feature yet, it makes things so much easier.

  5. Flynn says:

    There is actually a way to sort hubs on the profile – there’s a little grey bar along the top (under the featured hubs if those are set up) with a drop down menu defaulting to show: all which lets you sort based on category.

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