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Images and Videos as Linkbait!

I often use Flickr and YouTube for hosting my lens images and video and as a way to drive traffic.  I prefer hosting my best-looking photos on Flickr as opposed to Photobucket or even my own website, because I can add something in the description field like “This is an illustration for Ancient Greece Odyssey: My Tour of Delphi” which gets keywords into the link. Having tagged my photos carefully for things like Greece and Delphi and Greek Art, I get a lot of traffic from people searching for those iamges on Flickr.

These are the kind of visitors you want most: a targeted audience who will be more likely to click your links, or even your sales modules, because they’re interested in what your lens is about.


Squidoo Lensrank Tip: Cite Sources

Guess what? My lenses aren’t all original. Of COURSE not!

My “How to Get Your Lens Found” tutorial includes some tips I learned from PotPieGirl and Spirituality and Fluffanutta, and I used to cite Mr Lewissmile, before I decided I disagreed with some of his tricks and changed my recommendations. My CSS Codes Tutorial includes something I call CSS Kung Fu, which I learned from Glen. On baseball lenses, I’ve got links to forum discussions on MLB boards.

And ya know what? I thank these people for their help, and pay them by sending them traffic. It’s only fair!

On a pragmatic level, those links represent a large part of the clickthroughs for my lens. Repeat after me, squids: clickthroughs boost lensrank; lensrank determines payout tier.

There are several other ways that being honest about your sources can actually benefit your bottom line. (more…)

LOLCats Guide to SEO

I realize my first few posts on this blog are awfully dense, and the next one promises more of same.

So it’s time to shake things up a little with my first guest blogger, none other than Samhain the Cat!

Samhain is a real pro when it comes to getting noticed, and she’ll be the first to tell you she’s at the top of any meaningful search. Of course, she’s also an expert at NOFOLLOW— you’ll never find her with any search engine on the planet, when she doesn’t want to be found!

So without further ado, let me vacate the keyboard so she can give you:

Samhain the Cat’s SEO Guide