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Squidoo Categories: The Bad News & Good News

For those of you who keep up with every scrap of news in SquidU, there isn’t much new to report. But we’ve had so much information about Squidoo Categories — plus a bug that’s got everybody on tenterhooks (don’t panic, folks, it’s going to be OKAY) — that I thought I’d try to summarize the state of Squidoo Categories, er, Topics… unofficially, of course!

Ready, set, launch!

HQ announced a revamped Squidoo Topics directory on the  Squidblog and in the Announcements Forum on Dec. 29. Topics 2.0 went live on the 30th along with a temporary Bulk Recategorizer tool.

Transition Phase

The mass recategorization of thousands of lenses caused some lensrank volatility, but everyone who recategorized enjoyed a freshness boost, so at least it was across the board. Meanwhile, HQ asked for suggestions for new subtopics from the community. There were some glitches during this period with handfuls of lenses losing their subcategories, but these glitches seemed to have stopped by the time that…