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Squidoo Pay Day Coming: Two Things to Check

Squidoo Pay Day is almost here. Someone usually posts a thread in SquidU when earnings start showing up in our dashboard.

You can find them by clicking the “stats” link under an individual lens, then the “earnings” tab. There’s an Ad Pool “earnings” amount showing for 7/30. That’s July earnings, which will be paid in September.

Nice to know, but first something to check: are your Payment Settings correct?  It’s a bummer when a charity drops from Squidoo’s list, so that your donation to your favorite charity goes to another instead. It’s even more of a bummer when you make a co-brand lens that sends all your earnings to charity by default, or when Squidoo glitches and sends your earnings to charity. I’ve started taking a screenshot of all my lens payment settings for my records.

You get to the “Payment Settings” overview of which lens is set to donate to which charity by clicking “My Settings”  at the upper right of Squidoo’s control strip, then “Payouts,”  then scroll down and click “Individual Lens Settings.”

One more thing. Do you have multiple accounts? There are advantages and disadvantages to niche accounts. One disadvantage is that you pay the Paypal transaction fee on EACH account, which is (I think?) something like 2%, capped at $1. I’m a little worried about Squidoo glitches and the hopper, but I’ve just raised the payout threshold on my accounts to $50.


  1. Mark Upshaw says:

    I noticed that happened to one of my charities and since then, I simply have everything go to Squidoo charity fund and work with my charities on the side.

    1. Greekgeek says:

      Unfortunately, there are some nonprofits on Squidoo’s list that actively campaign against people like me, support causes I oppose, or, at the least, spend more money on fundraising and administration than the cause they’re set up to support. I know the Squidoo Charity Fund usually winds up being paid to one of the better ones, but I prefer to pick charities myself and make sure that my money is going to a good cause and not just to pay for mailers asking me for more money. ;)

      I vet charities with Charity Navigator to make sure they’re using money wisely to help people (or critters!)

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